Audi Q7 vs Range Rover Sport

2019 Audi Q7

Audi Q7 vs Range Rover Sport

The experts have rendered their decision and the Audi Q7 is a better all-around choice than the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. In a multi-vehicle test of premium SUVs, Car and Driver ranked the Audi Q7 Prestige first. They ranked the Range Rover Sport HSE third. After thorough evaluations, the leading consumer publication in the US, Consumer Reports, chose the Audi Q7 as its “Top Pick,” the highest scoring vehicle in its category, based on reliability, safety and performance.

So let’s take a deep dive into why the experts have chosen the Audi Q7 over the Land Rover Range Rover Sport. 


As tested in Car and Driver the Q7 3.0T 3.0 supercharged V6 is quicker in a 0-60 mph sprint than the Land Rover Range Rover Sport S.C. V6, reaching that speed nearly 10 percent faster. In fact, of all the acceleration tests conducted by Car and Driver, the Audi Q7 was faster to 100 mph, from 5 mph to 60 mph, and on the quarter-mile drag strip.

Fuel Economy

Surprisingly, despite its faster acceleration, the Audi Q7 V6 achieves better mileage than the Range Rover Sport V6, with a margin of six mpg in both City and Highway cycles. Fill-ups are less expensive in the Audi Q7 which uses regular unleaded gasoline (though premium recommended for maximum performance). The Range Rover Sport requires only premium gasoline which carries a significant price penalty.


In braking tests, Consumer Reports recorded stops from 60 mph in 127 feet for the Audi Q7 and 137 feet for the Range Rover Sport, a full ten-foot difference. To put that in perspective, an Audi A3 is 14 feet long, and stopping 10 feet shorter can mean the difference between a safe stop and a collision.

The Audi Q7 provides both a smoother ride due to its longer wheelbase, but still out handles the Range Rover Sport on the skidpad, recording a significantly higher 0.85 lateral Gs versus the Range Rover Sport’s 0.62 G performance. This is due, in a great part,  to the Q7 being fitted with larger standard tires than the Range Rover Sport (255/55R19 vs. 235/65R19). The Q7’s optional tires are also larger than the largest tires available on the Range Rover Sport (285/45R20 vs. 275/40R22).

Comfort and Convenience

On the road, the interior of the Audi Q7 has proven itself quieter than the Range Rover Sport. In interior sound testing conducted by Car and Driver, the Q7 was quieter than the Range Rover Sport by 2 dB at idle and 9 dB at full throttle. The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale where a 6 dB increase in level is perceived by the human ear to be twice as loud.

The Q7’s cargo area is larger than the Range Rover Sport’s in almost every dimension. The Audi offers 5.8 cubic feet more of storage space than the Range Rover Sport behind the third-row seat (a grocery bag is about one cubic foot). The third-row seat in the Range Rover Sport cannot be folded but removed entirely. Even with the seat removed, the Audi Q7 offers nearly 10cubic feet more behind the second-row seats. And with the second row folded, the Audi cargo area jumps to 71.6 cubic feet versus the Land Rover Sport at 62.2 cubic feet.

Warranty and Service

Should you be taking a trip out of your area, it’s reassuring to know that there are over 72 percent more Audi dealers than there are Land Rover dealers, which makes it much easier should you ever need service under the Q7’s warranty, which includes a corrosion warranty is 6 years longer than the Range Rover Sport’s (12 vs. 6 years). However, the need for warranty service is less likely in an Audi. According to J.D. Power and Associates’ Initial Quality Study of new car owners surveyed provide the statistics that show that Audi vehicles are better in initial quality than Land Rover vehicles.


The Q7 has a standard Secondary Collision Brake Assist, which automatically applies the brakes in the event of a crash to help prevent secondary collisions and prevent further injuries. The Range Rover Sport doesn’t offer a post-collision braking system. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety granted the Q7 the rating of Top Pick, a rating achieved by only 117 vehicles tested by the IIHS. The Range Rover Sport has not yet been tested; however, no other Land Rover vehicle has earned Top Pick status in its category.

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