Audi Q5 vs Land Rover Discovery Sport

2019 Audi Q5 Shown

Audi Q5 vs. Land Rover Discovery Sport

The 2018 Audi Q5 and 2018 Land Rover Discovery Sport have two popular midsized luxury SUVs. Many customers in this segment will cross-shop the two models, though, through careful evaluation of data collected from several sources — but the clear choice between the two remains the Audi Q5. Here’s why:


Both models are equipped with a 2.0 L turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder engine. Through its extensive experience developing turbocharged engines since the 1980s, Audi is able to deliver 22 additional horsepower but does so at an engine speed of 500 rpm lower than the Land Rover Discovery Sport. This means you don’t have to accelerate as hard with the Audi to merge onto a busy highway.

Additionally, the Q5 offers a standard sequential manual gearbox (SMG). With no clutch pedal to worry about and a fully automatic mode, an SMG is more efficient than a conventional automatic transmission but just as easy to drive. The Discovery Sport doesn’t offer an SMG or a conventional manual transmission. In addition, the launch control of the Q5 uses engine electronics to hold engine RPM’s precisely in order to provide the most stable and rapid acceleration possible, using all of the available traction. The Discovery Sport does not offer launch control.

Fuel Economy

The Audi Q5 delivers better fuel economy ratings in EPA testing, with a two-to-three-mile per gallon advantage over the Land Rover Discovery Sport. While that may not seem like that much of a difference, over three years of ownership the Audi Q5 could save you several hundred dollars in fuel costs. One of the reasons for this is that the Q5 has an aerodynamic coefficient of drag of .32 Cd, which is significantly lower than the Discovery Sport and many sports cars. A more efficient exterior helps keep the interior quiet and helps the Q5 achieve better fuel mileage.

Passenger and Cargo Space

The Q5 has 1.5 inches more front headroom, .3 inches more front shoulder room, .6 inches more rear headroom and .2 inches more rear shoulder room than the Discovery Sport. The Q5 also features a significantly larger cargo area with its rear seat up than the Discovery Sport with its rear seat up (26.8 vs. 6.8 cubic feet). And, with the rear seat folded, the Audi Q5 provides slightly more cargo room than the Discovery Sport (60.4 vs. 60 cubic feet).

Comfort and Convenience

The Q5 offers optional automatic dimming of the rear and side view mirrors, which automatically darken quickly when headlights shine on them, keeping following vehicles from blinding or distracting the driver. The Discovery Sport offers an automatic rearview mirror, but its side mirrors do not dim.

Heated windshield washer nozzles are standard on the Q5 to prevent washer fluid and nozzles from freezing and help continue to keep the windshield clear in sub-freezing temperatures. The Discovery Sport does not offer heated windshield washer nozzles.


J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study of surveyed new car owners indicate that Audi vehicles are better in initial quality than Land Rover vehicles. In addition, J.D. Power and Associates survey of the owners of three-year-old vehicles provides the long-term dependability statistics that show that Audi vehicles are more reliable than Land Rover vehicles.

And, should you ever need service or repairs when traveling, there are over 72 percent more Audi dealers than there are Land Rover dealers. In addition, The Q5’s corrosion warranty is 6 years longer than the Discovery Sport’s (12 vs. 6 years).


The Q5’s pre-crash front seatbelts will tighten automatically in the event that the vehicle detects an impending crash, improving protection against injury significantly. The Discovery Sport does not offer pre-crash pretensioners.

For enhanced safety, the front seat shoulder belts of the Audi Q5 are height-adjustable to accommodate a wide variety of driver and passenger heights. A better fit can prevent injuries and the increased comfort also encourages passengers to buckle up. The Land Rover Discovery Sport does not offer height-adjustable seat belts.

The Q5 has standard Secondary Collision Brake Assist, which automatically applies the brakes in the event of a crash to help prevent secondary collisions and prevent further injuries. The Discovery Sport does not offer a post-collision braking system.

To learn more about the comfort, convenience, and safety features of the Audi Q5, please come to see us at Audi Petoskey where we’ll guide you around the vehicle and send you out on a test drive so you can experience all the Q5 has to offer for yourself.